10 Best Lawn Mowers Under $300 of 2020

Trying to get your hands on the best lawn mower under 300 dollars can be quite the challenge. You clearly don’t want to overspend, but underspending could risk you ending up with a tool that’s not fit for your lawn care. In this article we’ve rounded up some of our favorite mowers under $300 that should meet your quality requirements as well as your budget. We also explore what you should look for in budget lawn mowers.

Top 10 Lawn Mowers Under $300 Table

Picture Name Type Rating (1-5)  
1. Troy-Bilt TB220 159cc 21-Inch FWD High Wheel Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Self-propelled gas powered 4.2 Check Price
2. Sun Joe MJ401C 14-Inch 28-Volt Cordless Push Lawn Mower Cordless electric 4.2 Check Price
3. Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower Manual reel 4.2 Check Price
4. GreenWorks 25223 G-MAX 40V 19-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower Cordless electric 4.2 Check Price
5. BLACK+DECKER CM2043C 40V Max Lithium Mower, 20″ Cordless electric 3.8 Check Price
6. Yard Machines 140cc 20-Inch Push Mower Walk behind gas powered 3.8 Check Price
7. Poulan Pro 961120134 PR500N21SH Briggs 500ex Side Discharge/Mulch Walk behind gas powered 3.6 Check Price
8. WORX 14-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower with Easy-Start Feature Cordless electric 3.6 Check Price
9. Lawn-Boy 17732 21-Inch 6.5 Gross Torque Kohler XTX OHV Self-propelled gas powered 3.4 Check Price
10. Poulan Pro 961320101 PR550N21R3 Briggs 550 E Series Side Discharge/Mulch/Bag 3-in-1 Walk behind gas powered 3.2 Check Price

A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing a Lawn Mower

Even budget lawn mowers come in a variety of designs and models, so the price tag shouldn’t be the only thing you look at when you make a purchase. Now, what exactly makes a good lawn mower? These main considerations should help narrow down your options so you can find the best lawn mower under 300 dollars.

  • Power Source. Lawn mowers come to life through a variety of power sources. Choosing the right one depends on the size of your lawn and your own personal preference.

  – Manual Reel Mowers. Utilizing no power or gas, these mowers include sharp edges that move precisely as you push it over your yard. They’re perfect for little, level yards, and are the mower of decision for vitality and condition cognizant clients.

 – Corded Electric Mowers. These mowers are connected to keep them running. They’re perfect for little yards with negligible to direct slopes and knocks.

 – Cordless Electric Mowers. No gas required, however these mowers are restricted by the force that the battery-powered battery offers. For clients with large yards, a solitary charge may not be sufficient to finish the cutting procedure.

 – Walk Behind Gas Mowers. Controlled by gas, these can be best for medium to enormous measured lawns that are generally level. The cutters under these mowers are substantially more impressive against tall weeds and grass, yet the mower can be hard to push.

 – Self-Propelled Gas Mowers. Likewise taking a shot at gas, these amazing mowers have an instrument that pushes them ahead so clients don’t need to apply an excessive amount of exertion.

  • Waste Management. It’s one thing to cut grass and a totally extraordinary thing to tidy up after. While it is significantly less expensive to purchase a lawn mower that just cuts your grass and weeds, different models that gather clippings and transform them into mulch can be substantially more valuable and advantageous.
  • Efficiency. The very motivation behind why individuals put resources into lawn mowers is so they can keep up their nurseries and yards with the least conceivable exertion. So one of the contemplations you have to make when purchasing a lawn mower is its effectiveness.

Basically, three components direct the productivity of a mower. These are cut width, cut stature, and motor torque. Slice width relates to the width of grass that the mower can cut in a solitary pass. The more extensive the cut width, the more lawn zone you can focus with each go of your mower.

Cut tallness shows the stature of grass the mower leaves once it’s been cut. The shorter the grass deserted, the more it will take before you have to cut your grass once more.

At long last, motor torque relates to the intensity of the sharp edges. The more impressive the revolution of the cutting edges, the more probable you’ll have the option to chop down difficult weeds without disregarding the zone on various occasions.

Top 3 Best Lawn Mower Under $300 Reviews

1. Troy-Bilt TB220 159cc Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

A group most loved with regards to spending lawn mowers is the Troy-Bilt TB220 159CC FWD Hi-Wheel Self- Propelled Lawn Mower. This self-moved gas mower can cover 21 creeps of grass in a solitary pass, which is perfect on the off chance that you need to have the option to get your lawn cut quick.

The mower includes a movable cut tallness that can accomplish anyplace between 1.25 inches and 3.75 inches, so you can redo your grass stature to suit your inclinations. Clippings are likewise naturally gathered and transformed into mulch to be redistributed over your lawn to fill in as compost.

With four enormous, solid wheels, the Troy-Bilt TB220 159CC FWD Hi-Wheel Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is generally simple to move. Particularly with its 159cc OHV motor, this mower is a take thinking about its expense.

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2. Sun Joe MJ401C Cordless Push Lawn Mower

The second best lawn mower under 300 dollars is the Sun Joe MJ401C 28 Volt Cordless Push Lawn Mower. This cordless electric lawn mower cuts a width of 14 inches, which is an industry standard for comparable mowers in a similar section.

The mower can be changed in accordance with cut a tallness anyplace between 1.18 inches and 2.52 inches, and can gather as much as 10.6 gallons of clippings. It can likewise transform clippings and leaves into mulch which you can use to help treat your lawn in the wake of cutting.

At last, the Sun Joe MJ401C 28 Volt Cordless Push Lawn Mower can run for up to 25 minutes on a solitary charge. While this can be perfect for little measured lawns, it might miss the mark with bigger spaces.

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3. Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower

Searching for something somewhat more vitality sparing? The Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower may be only for you. This reasonable and eco-accommodating choice highlights a cut width of 18 inches, permitting you to address more extensive paths of lawn in a shorter timeframe.

As far as cut tallness, the mower can be set to cut anyplace somewhere in the range of 1 and 4 inches, giving you more noteworthy command over the aftereffects of your cutting. Utilizing one of a kind remain sharp innovation, this mower requires far less upkeep than different alternatives you’re probably going to discover.

The main disadvantage with this mower is that it tends to be somewhat of a test to push particularly if your lawn isn’t excessively level.

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Considerations for Buying a Cheap Lawn Mower

When searching for another lawn mower of any kind and spending plan, you have to consider an assortment of contemplations. Doing so will help forestall you hopping into a brisk purchase which you may lament sometime later. Right now the purchasers direct we will investigate a portion of the contemplations you have to make before purchasing your new gleaming lawn mower.

In case you’re in the market for lawn mowers under 300 dollars, you’ll need to discover one that ticks all the containers. One peruser who has been a customary client of low quality mowers, connected to state they end up in the market for an alternate model year on year. This is likely a genuinely basic issue among individuals who’ve bought low quality mowers, and one that is simpler to change than you’d anticipate.

On the off chance that you don’t think a lot about mowers, how are you expected to know whether you need a corded electric, gas-fueled or self-moved lawn mower? We should begin essential; you’ll need a mower that you’re ready to begin and will run well unfailingly. You ought to likewise consider the cutting stature change choices. This is on the grounds that it will give the capacity to cut grass at different statures.

Let’s be honest; a full yard of grass isn’t work that is going to take only two minutes. Some portion of good lawn care includes normally cut grass. Also, in case you’re unfortunate, you may have a noticeable development of weeds it now and then makes it hard for your mower to deal with them. The issue a few people’s lawns are long, and on the off chance that you keep it that way, the undertaking is made substantially more troublesome and will take more work.

Push Mower Vs Self Propelled

You have to consider whether you’re searching for a push mower, or one that propels itself. In the event that you have bumpy landscape self-moved mowers are extraordinary for removing the strain from cutting them. On the off chance that you have level lawn and see yourself as truly fit, a lightweight push mower should cause you no issues.

Storage Space

One of the primary contemplations you have to consider is your accessible extra room. This is something that it frequently disregarded by those that haven’t possessed a lawn mower previously. In the event that you have a nursery shed that is dry and verify with enough space then this is an extraordinary spot to store your mower.

We could never suggest putting away this outside in your yard. A few people accept that since they put a spread over the highest point of their mower it’s fine to store it outside. This is absolutely not the situation as you’d be shock about how effectively water can discover its way past lawn mower covers.

Not to mention the security risk of storing expensive assets openly in your yard.

This turns out to be simple prey for potential hoodlum’s and you will locate that many home insurance agencies don’t pay out for merchandise that weren’t put away safely.

It’s hence that we generally suggest keeping your mower disguised some place dry yet in addition secure when it’s not being used. As we referenced before on the off chance that you have a safe shed this would be great or in case you’re sufficiently fortunate to have a carport that would work as well.

Lawn Size

You have to consider how a lot of ground you’ll be covering while cutting. Also how regularly you’ll should cut your lawn. On the off chance that you just have a little cutting territory and you’re solid mower weight won’t be an over the top concern. In the event that you have a huge space which should be cut regularly the heaviness of the lawn mower turns out to be to a greater degree a worry.

The lighter lawn mowers are, the simpler they get around your nursery and are all the more simple to move for you. In this manner the heaviness of the lawn mower is perfect for those of you who stress over your quality and control of the mower.

Power Source

Obviously like when purchasing any lawn mowers you have to consider how they’re fueled. Two regular force hotspots for lawn mowers are gas controlled and electric lawn mowers. In case you’re searching for an electric lawn mower we suggest searching for one that accompanies a decent battery. This implies as opposed to agonizing over electric links while you’re cutting you can do so totally rope free.

However, you do need to make sure that your battery is always charged before use.

You would prefer not to wind up sticking around to utilize the lawn mower since you neglected to charge it after the last time you utilized it. On the other hand some battery fueled lawn mowers accompany two batteries. This permits you to ensure that one is constantly kept charged so if different comes up short on power you have a save.

With regards to gas fueled lawn mowers they’re really plain as day. You don’t have to stress over the battery life of the mower as it’s controlled by its fuel tank. In any case, the drawback of this vitality source is you have to guarantee you have gas close by to fuel it. In the event that a lawnmowers petroleum or gas runs out, it’s viably futile without a refuel. It’s additionally important that lawn mowers petroleum is precisely the same stuff you put in your vehicle and not actually modest. In the event that you utilize a gas lawn mower, it’s additionally critical to think about the ecological effect of utilization. A gas mower will deliver unsafe vapor during use, so in case you’re a successive client it may be all the more naturally well disposed for you to put resources into an electric lawn mower.

Controlling your mower from your electric stock is viewed as more eco benevolent than utilizing gas. In the event that you have an electric lawn mower, you aren’t in every case additionally choked by a link. A cordless electric lawn mower is an extraordinary venture for those of you who need to be more naturally agreeable, cut down on gas utilize and go link free. With regards to electric, the best lawn mowers will be amazing and non prohibitive. You can at present accomplish these accomplishments with corded electric yet may require a long expansion link.

Stick to Your Budget

In the event that you’ve set this spending limit, at that point it’s most likely all things considered. It’s anything but difficult to get enticed to go higher than your underlying value go when you see the highlights of progressively costly mowers. Try not to be enticed by this! You can get some incredible quality lawn mowers that are well within your value run. This is particularly valid in the event that you consider which season you’re purchasing your new mower. We composed this guide which should assist you with finding the best season to get a lot on another lawn mower.


Similarly as with any costly buy, you have to realize that on the off chance that everything turns out badly you’re supported up monetarily. Ensure you pay special mind to a decent guarantee on your lawn mower. The exact opposite thing you need is to be hit with costly fix charges in the wake of dishing out for another lawn mower. Do your exploration and search for a lawn mower with a decent guarantee.

You probably won’t be sufficiently fortunate to discover something with an unconditional promise at this cost run however on the off chance that you can that is incredible as well. Lawn mowers are convoluted and made up of different segments and moving parts. At last you have to ensure that you’re secured for any deficiencies that happen in the wake of making your buy.

Features to Lookout for

These can incorporate things, for example, the drive settings. This includes the force into the wheels which enables lawn mowers to propel themselves. You ought to consider whether you decide on front or back wheel drive mowers. When in doubt of thumb front wheel drive mowers are incredible for controlling. Back wheel drive mowers will in general give you more push making them progressively appropriate for bumpy landscape.

Speed and Ease of Pushing

You ought to likewise consider the speed settings on your lawn mower. This is essentially the measure of intensity passed through the wheels influencing how rapidly your mower propels itself. You will see single speed models are likely as your least expensive alternative. Variable speed self pushed mowers are probably going to be progressively fit to lopsided territory or where various degrees of intensity are required. Self-moved mowers are extraordinary for individuals who may battle pushing lawn mowers. So in case you’re searching for something you’ll be happy with utilizing in your years to come a self-impelled alternative might be reasonable. Frequently self-moved lawn mowers have such a major effect, clients would prefer not to return to a standard push mower. It’s significant self-moved lawn mowers are regularly gas, and surely is anything but a typical component of corded electric lawn mowers (atleast not yet).

Cutting Deck and Cutting Heights

It’s significant that you ought to likewise consider the cutting deck you go for. A steel or alliminuim deck is probably going to be increasingly strong and vigorous, that said it will make it heavier. A few mowers accompany study plastic choices which can be a decent other option in the event that you need a lighter model. You ought to likewise focus on cutting width. The slicing width alludes to the width you can cut in a solitary stripe, clearly the bigger the cutting width the more grass you cut per length.

Additionally consider whether you need to have the option to change the cutting deck. The best lawn mowers frequently have alternatives to change the cutting statures and this permits you to oblige your predefined length on the off chance that you have to. You may see that the least expensive lawn mowers don’t have the advantage of this alternative, that said in the event that you don’t have to change the cutting statures, at that point this shouldn’t be a colossal issue. On the off chance that you need the best lawn adaptability customizable cutting tallness is a prescribed accomplishment.

Grass Clippings and Disposal

It might be ideal on the off chance that you additionally thought about what happens to grass clippings. Commonly most wind up bagging grass while a few offers mulching abilities. In the event that your mower incorporates another technique for cutting removal, at that point you positively have greater adaptability. When cutting a little lawn, bagging may be the most productive choice. It’s constantly pleasant to have the alternative of discarding grass by means of mulching or side release should you become weary of discarding the clippings when bag limit is full. Regularly mowers accompany different choices so mulching and side release doesn’t need to be totally unrelated. In the event that you discover bagging takes an excessive amount of time and vitality mulching gives a progressively effective alternative to enormous lawns.


You should be set up to assemble your lawn mower. This is particularly valid if like a great many people nowadays you purchase your lawn mower on the web. The lawn mower will not come in one piece and you should be certain that you can assemble it.

This is why it helps to read consumer reviews online and lookout for something easy to assemble.

These can be assembled in simply a question of minutes and you’ll be prepared to begin cutting before you know it. This implies obviously spread out directions and a shortsighted plan.

In case you’re not positive about assembling one dread not. You’ll be flabbergasted at how effectively they can be amassed. A significant number of them simply include unfurling the handle and including a couple of jolts. We suggest doing a brisk inquiry online with the model name you’re searching for and its get together. You ought to have the option to discover data from the encounters of others. This should you assist you with seeing how effectively this specific model can be assembled.

Things to Avoid with Budget lawn mowers

Since you know a portion of the contemplations you ought to make, it’s a great opportunity to investigate what you shouldn’t search for in a mower. Underneath we are very brave which should assist you with keeping away from a purchasing choice you lament.

Be Wary of Very Low Prices

As the well established saying goes, in the event that it sounds unrealistic it typically is. In case you’re taking a gander at lawn mowers with low sticker prices you ought to make certain to check what they retails for with different stores on the web. On the off chance that the expenses are completely different you may find that you’re on a trick site.

On the other hand in case you’re getting it from a vender locally you may discover this is taken products. Everybody adores a lot however in case you’re paying not exactly a large portion of the first retail value alerts begin ringing. The equivalent applies for a pre-owned mower; on the off chance that it appears to be too modest it may have been vigorously utilized and have specialized issues. On the off chance that you are purchasing utilized ensure you test altogether before purchasing.

Poor Quality

In the event that your mower shows up and you’re promptly scrutinizing the quality that is not a decent sign. In case you’re worried that the mower is low quality, not what you expected or doesn’t coordinate the promoted picture send it back. In any event, when searching for lawn mowers under 300 dollars, you have to guarantee that you get great incentive for cash. On the off chance that you shell out for another mower that feels modest and shaky it’s most likely best you maintain a strategic distance from it.

Poor Reputation

You have to consider the notoriety of the brand you’re purchasing from. This is the situation for any buy you make. In case you’re purchasing an item from a brand you’ve never known about we suggest doing your exploration first. Numerous producers offer lower costs yet consequently you aren’t getting a family unit brand.

In case you’re suspicious about the organization ensure you check for audits of a similar item on the web. A few firms may list lawn mowers under 300 dollars, however their genuine retail cost is far higher. Keep away from these at all costs! Doing a fast inquiry online can assist you with avoiding a slug over the long haul.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Ideally this article should empower you to locate the best lawn mower under 300 dollars for your specific needs. One inquiry you ought to truly consider is to gas, or not to gas?

Given the present condition of our atmosphere, it’s significant we’re as earth cognizant as could reasonably be expected. As we referenced gas isn’t really the most well disposed approach to manage your lawn care. All things considered, gas regularly comes connected at the hip with a powerful motor and is intended for business use – frequently the well known alternative for planting experts. Do recollect you might have the option to get electric mowers that are ideal for your requirements. Eventually gas ought to be utilized by the individuals who need it, and not for having a powerful gas mower.

You can get your hands on a magnificent lawn mower for under 300 dollars in the event that you realize where to look. Not just where you additionally need to know precisely what it is you’re searching for. In the event that you follow the contemplations spread out above you ought to experience no difficulty finding an extraordinary quality mower.

You should now have a decent comprehension of what to search for in ease lawn mowers. With your recently discovered information you ought to experience no difficulty finding an extraordinary mower which will serve you for a considerable length of time to come.

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