• Powerful, clean cuts
  • Fantastic mulching
  • No shortage of horsepower
  • Often maneuvers like a mower half its size
  • Potent rear-wheel drive
  • Honda’s trademark durability


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The self-propelled Honda HRR216K9VKA embodies virtually every reason its manufacturer’s name and branding deserve acknowledgment as shorthand descriptors that declare, “This machine was built to perform longer and stronger than any competing model in its class.”

The mower’s reliability and overall solid cutting performance have earned it one of our highest value scores. 

Mower Specifications

Model Number: HRR216VKA
Cutting Width: 22 INCH
Ignition Method: 0.78 – 3.14 INCH
Engine: 400W
Power: up to 36% (20°) degrees
Drive: 28 x 25 x 12 INCH
Deck Material: 44 Lb
Cutting Height: 120 min
Included Accessories: Rear bag and mulch kit
Weight: 85.0lb
Speed: Variable up to 4.0 mph
Clipping Discharge: Rear bag/Mulch/Side Discharge
Consumer Warranty: 3 years



  • Twin MicroCut blades
  • Variable-speed rear wheel drive with Smart Drive technology
  • Sturdy 12-gauge steel deck
  • Six height settings
  • 160cc Honda GCV engine
  • Bag, mulch or side-discharge clippings
  • 12-inch cutting path


I don’t commonly make a propensity for contrasting individual lawn mowers in these reviews for a generally excellent explanation: regardless of whether you take advantage of your cash from some random model pivots to a great extent on how well you adjusted your buy to your own individual needs and inclinations. Yards vary in measurements and profiles starting with one property then onto the next. That reality makes it fundamental not to reflexively search out carefully the greatest, generally incredible or priciest mower available, however to decide how well any single unit’s apparatuses suit the manner in which you keep up your lawn.

Right now, special case is merited. The Honda HRR’s stiffest challenge is really the outstandingly comparable Honda HRX. Inquisitively enough, piling them up next to each other delineates that narrowing a correlation with highly contrasting specs doesn’t generally paint remotely as clear an image as a hands-on test drive. That being stated, only for contention:


HRR – Honda GCV160

HRX – Honda GCV190


HRR – 12-check steel, 21 inches

HRX – Nexite composite, 21 inches


HRR – Automatic 5-Speed Smart Drive

HRX – Manual Hydrostatic Select Drive


HRR – Traditional rope with auto-gag

HRX – Push-button electric beginning

How about we turn over with the motor. The HRX’s “advantage” boils down to five millimeters more bore width loaning it a 30cc size differential and negligible additional torque. Both are exceptionally flexible and strong motors, however having recently claimed the HRX and as of late evaluated the HRR, I can check that the last is definitely not lacking for muscle and will handily coordinate anything the HRX can do and contend at an obviously lesser expense. Be careful, however: this brute has a remarkable thunder. The 98 dB of commotion contamination it lets free won’t actually charm it to your neighbors. For whatever length of time that you’re in a purchasing temperament, overdo it a couple of additional bucks toward some quality ear assurance.

In contrasting the decks, I comprehend the impulse to support the HRX’s lighter-weight composite body, however gas-controlled mowers are these days particularly preferred for bigger yards packed with slopes and lopsided territory that numerous electric mowers essentially come up short on the weight or battery ability to deal with. The two models benefit as much as possible from their about two-feet-wide cutting swaths, yet in spite of its tough 12-measure steel, the Honda HRR tips the scales at just 84 pounds and can bring any whipping came down upon it.

Preferring one transmission over another involves inclination, yet the Honda HRR’s exclusive variable-speed programmed Smart Drive framework is a turn in glove fit with the GCV160 and strong back wheel drive to press each ounce of ideal execution a self-moved mower can convey. The thumb-based control feels firmly unbalanced, yet I can’t deny exactly how easily it fastens up to energetic 4 mph top speed and decelerates on direction down to a halt. In any event, killing the HRR’s free motion altogether, you despite everything have a surprisingly viable gas-controlled push mower in the occasion a cutting activity ought to ever call for one rather than a self-moved machine. I don’t have anything against the HRX’s hydrostatic transmission or Honda’s Select Drive manual speed control.

The Honda HRR has just a single lamentable presentation obstacle to survive, yet it’s an issue that could essentially constrain its allure among purchasers to whom self-impelled mowers normally offer the most emphatically: its dealing with endures significantly on soak slants. There are barely any sorts of territory on which not having to valiantly wrestle a push mower is even more a gift from heaven. The undesirable unplanned “wheelies” the HRR’s lacking eight-inch wheels some of the time ascend into will leave you with an increasingly illuminated gratefulness for how only a couple of inches’ more measurement in back could have kept up progressively steady parity and well-grounded footing when traversing a slant.


Gas-controlled lawn mowers all interest a reasonable level of persistent ordinary upkeep to guarantee a protracted working life expectancy, from keeping oil, sparkle fittings and fuel new to honing cutting edges in any event a couple of times each season. Beside those unavoidable errands, the Honda HRR is all around usable to a fairly wonderfully astounding degree for such a moderately incredible model. The 41-inch handle is sufficiently long to keep the mower simple for clients of any stature to control and mitigates awkward substantial vibration with massively agreeable froth holds. Weighing 84 pounds doesn’t actually make the Honda HRR an equitably “light” mower, however I never felt it battle my control while directing its self-impetus or discovered it restrictively substantial or hardened to push.

On the off chance that it has a minor drawback, it would be the intermittent harsh beginning. Honda’s auto-gag commonly smooths out awakening the motor to cut from a virus start with about impeccable consistency, yet this model now and then despite everything thunders to life a piece tenaciously. And still, after all that, in any case, we’re discussing the unimportant contrast between requiring a couple of pulls of the rope to fire up and, at the exceptionally generally, five or six yanks once in a while. To be completely forthright, I was increasingly irritated by the absence of a deck-wash port compelling me to upset the HRR to flush away flotsam and jetsam and stray clippings for need of one genuinely normal straightforward element that I uncertainty would have added a lot to its assembling cost.


Goodness. I have for sure test-driven mowers that cut more neatly than the Honda HRR, yet not a lot of. The twin MicroCut sharp edges cut with enough consolidated exactness to conceivably swear anybody off single-cutting edge mowers forever. That implies more than conveniently cutting with ideal consistency from beginning to end. With regards to the three accessible choices for administering clippings, it advances astoundingly smooth release from the side chute, augmenting the grass put away in the easily separable 2.4-bushel sack and incomprehensibly ultra-fine mulch, all in light of the fact that a subsequent sharp edge resembles including a subsequent finish up go to every last bit of your lawn without really strolling it twice.

Lamentably, in this additionally lies another as a matter of fact minor bandy that can once in a while be legitimized in my eyes. Uplifting news, everybody! You have six deck settings to browse so as to decide the perfect length for your grass and gain your mower’s forward ground as simple as could reasonably be expected. The catch? You need to change each wheel independently. I will quit saying it when the absolute last maker sees the light and quits planning lawn mowers with four wheel-stature controls: this structure decision includes literally nothing however irritating additional exertion.


When in doubt, gas-fueled mowers request higher upkeep than their electric or motorless partners. The Honda HRR216K9VKA is no exemption, however it doesn’t generally request any abnormal consideration, either. Hone the cutting edges in any event twice during each prime cutting season, including preceding stowing your mower for the winter. Swap in new sparkle plugs before your first run of the year. Hope to replace your oil after the initial five working hours and follow maker rules from that point. Something else, similar to the standard for practically any Honda item, a standard three-year maker guarantee ought to adequately address any coincidental fixes or terrible need of a substitution.


The Zone Start framework carries the edge to a stop inside three seconds of its control switch being discharged, yet the devotion to in general effortless proprietorship doesn’t end there. The mower’s controls are introduced so that the motor can’t be restarted from anyplace aside from inside the assigned “Administrator Zone” behind the handle.


Should your quest for an unfailingly reliable gas mower boil down to a decision between the Honda HRR or HRX, I unequivocally suggest picking the HRR and spreading out the extra $40 for a self-impelled model. Valued around $430, you may recoil at dropping $100 more than what various equivalently measured contending models with comparable specs and highlights would cost, however Honda’s mark mix of strange toughness and suffering execution is precious. The HRR is in no way, shape or form faultless, however dragging one through hellfire for an hour or two out of nowhere renders its trivial weaknesses astoundingly forgettable. You may never again get as much for your cash from some other mower in its group.

Pros Cons
  • Powerful, clean cuts
  • Fantastic mulching
  • No shortage of horsepower
  • Often maneuvers like a mower half its size
  • Potent rear-wheel drive
  • Honda’s trademark durability
  • Rather noisy
  • Occasional rough starting, despite auto-choke
  • Small wheels handle poorly on hills
  • Awkward thumb-based Smart Drive controls
  • No deck-wash port
  • Four levers for adjusting height

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Q: How do I get my mower repaired while it is under warranty?

A: Simply take it to an authorized Honda service center near you. Here is a tool to locate the nearest service center Simply select your product, location, and city and the tool will spit out a list of nearby service centers. Take your mower to one of these locations, and they will fix it promptly and professionally.

Q: Is there a side discharge?

A: No, solitary back release (clippings leave the back rather than side). This is certainly not a significant issue, in light of the fact that the mower underpins both mulching and packing. In the event that you truly need to release through the back be cautious about getting your shoes canvassed in grass clippings.

Q: Does it work on thick grass?

A: Yes, it functions admirably on much progressively troublesome kinds of grass. The mower is in the midrange for power, however the motor oversees torque successfully so all cutting undertakings are inside reach. In the event that force is your primary concern, at that point think about the Snapper


Final Thoughts

By and large, we can’t prescribe the Honda HRR216K9VKA enough. It has a suite of execution highlights like shrewd drive and twin sharp edges, and yet it is peaceful and simple to utilize. It might be on the pricier side, however this is a phenomenal case of “you get what you pay for,” on the grounds that this mower is certainly the best an incentive for your cash.

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