Greenworks Landscape Design  

We believe that gardens bring balance to modern, hectic lives. Life is remembered in moments, and the small details of our daily lives have the power to restore and renew us. Strong gardens are life-affirming. They connect us to our Natural world and set the scene for the theater of our everyday lives.

Greenworks Design is an award-winning landscape design firm with offices in Lafayette and San Francisco, California. Our work is at once indigenous and eccentric, focusing on intimate garden experiences that expand visitors' connection to their environment, creating unique designs for residential, commercial and hospitality clients.

Inspired by the timeless landscapes of Isamu Noguchi, Lawrence Halprin, Ganna Walska, Roberto Burle Marx, and Nature itself, the Greenworks team looks to their Pacific Rim home as the foundation for creating gardens that match the site-specific ecological, functional, and aesthetic needs of each project. - Tim

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