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The Sun Joe MJ401E is one of the most affordable lawn mowers on the market at the moment, and today we are going to have a close up look at it. This is basically your bog standard, no frills, “does what it says on the tin” electric lawn mower. Nothing amazing in terms of what you get, but gets on with the job. We will start by having a look at the design, then we will talk you through assembly and most importantly how it performs.

Sun Joe MJ401E Specifications

Manufacturer Sun Joe
Model MJ401E
Motor 12 amps
Deck Size 14 inches
Cutting Modes Rear Bagging System
Cutting Heights 0.8- 2.4 inches
Number of Cutting Heights 3
Weight 28 lbs


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Key Features

  • Construction – The Sun Joe MJ401E isn’t one of those genuine “masculine” trimmers. The splendid green shading and plastic development give it to a greater extent a milder look. For hell’s sake, you could even venture to state its “adorable”. Most of this machine is built from genuinely low obstruction plastic, which means you unquestionably would prefer not to improvise up with this trimmer, provided that you do then you won’t utilize it for long
  • Design – It practically has a stripped down structure. You get all that you have to cut the grass, with literally nothing extra included.
  • Motor – I need to state I was quite intrigued with a 12 amp engine with a 14 inch deck, this gives you an extraordinary capacity to cutting distance across proportion! Be that as it may, I don’t get this’ meaning? Well it implies the trimmer’s capacity to cut is awesome and it won’t impede such a great amount (as long as the difficulties you give it are practical – it’s not the most dominant cutter out there!).
  • Push Button Starts – The Sun Joe MJ401E has a standard press button start you find on basically any electric trimmer. Everything necessary to get moving is press this red catch (the instrument is appended to the handlebar) and pull the wellbeing switch towards the handlebar.
  • Safety Leverr – The wellbeing switch is one of those that are situated on the extreme right hand side, which means you are limited to utilizing your correct hand you control it. It pulls straight up to the genuine handlebar however, so it’s advantageous to hold (and doesn’t feel awkward) while you are taking care of business.
  • Cutting Deck – The deck is just 14 inches wide, which straight away makes it progressively reasonable for littler gardens. On the off chance that you have a greater yard, at that point with this deck size you should make a ton more goes to complete your grass!
  • Wheels – The wheels are 6 creeps in size (both front and back) and are made of plastic. These wheels aren’t intended to travel well over unpleasant surfaces and will move best on a compliment, lower cut surface.
  • Height Adjustment – concerning cutting stature control, you have 3 distinct settings with the most elevated setting at 2.4 inches. It’s a manual stature change framework (there’s no 1 switch framework like on other better quality models). You’ll have to turn the trimmer over and you will see 3 indents for each wheel. There’s a spring stacked instrument under there, which you should drive into your preferred score. Takes a couple of moments longer doing this physically… ..yet hello, dislike you’ll have to transform it that frequently.
  • Grass Bag – It’s additionally furnished with a hard-top back pack to get your grass clippings, which is a decent touch for a passage level trimmer. It has a genuinely little limit, however is superbly satisfactory for little gardens and separates effectively for helpful removal of your clippings or brisk stockpiling.

Assembly: Easy Peasy or Stupidly Difficult?

We are going to begin by mentioning to you what you need to hear: the get together of this cutter truly isn’t that troublesome. Uplifting news, right?!The guidance manual truly won’t help you a great deal however as its pretty ineffectively composed, yet fortunately as gathering is basic you shouldn’t generally require it (take a gander at the bundling, that will presumably be increasingly useful to be honest).Assembly essentially just comprises of appending the handle bar with the screws which are given the mower.Something else to note, remembered for the case are two minimal plastic clasps which AREN’T recorded in the guidelines. These are for keeping the force line associated with the mower.You ought to be fully operational inside 5-10 minutes of unloading this cutter.

Performance: Does it Do the Business?

  • Cutting Ability – On the off chance that you utilize the Sun Joe MJ401E for the right kind of garden, you won’t be frustrated with the nature of cut. The solid steel cutting edge cuts decent and equally. The main thing I would make reference to is that this trimmer stops the grass beautiful. Indeed, even on the most noteworthy setting (2.4 inches) it gives you a significant short completion. Then again, in the event that you are searching for that shorter, putting green completion then you’ll like the reality it stops beautiful.
  • Manoeuvrability – The weight makes the cutter so natural to move around any nursery impediments and makes turning cycle a treat. Likewise in the event that you have to lift the trimmer up for reasons unknown that won’t be an issue either
  • Noise Levels – If you are changing over from a gas trimmer to the Sun Joe the distinction in clamor levels will be euphoria! Try not to misunderstand me it’s not quiet but rather you won’t require ear insurance (either to shield you from the trimmer’s commotion or from the grievances of neighbors).
Pros Cons
  • Simple Assembly – You just need to screw on the handle.
  • Very Lightweight – makes the Sun Joe easy to push and manoeuvre around the standard yard.
  • Great Bang for your Buck! – This mower is extremely affordable & gets the job done.
  • Amazingly Easy to Use – you won’t be scratching your head with this one.
  • Small, Compact Design – Allows you to get into harder to reach areas, tight spaces and also makes the MJ401E Mow Joe very easy to store.
  • For Virtually Anyone – It doesn’t matter if you’re old, young, male, female, strong, weak; whoever you are you definitely COULD use this mower successfully.
  • Quiet – One of the quieter mowers on the market.
  • Decent Quality of Cut – aided by the excellent power to cutting diameter ratio.
  • Grass Catcher – for this price you are lucky to get one at all!! And to top it off you get an easy to use one. Nice 🙂
  • Requires Very Little Maintenance – No gas, oil or tune-ups necessary if you purchase one of these. Your care and maintenance duties will amount to little more than a quick wipe down after use, and an occasional blade sharpening.
  • Small wheels – it’s only got 6” wheels (both front & back), which don’t deal with rough terrain or muddy areas very well.
  • Plastic construction – At the end of the day it’s a compromise, yes the plastic isn’t as durable as a steel frame would be so you do have to be more careful, but it’s this characteristic that allows the mower to remain light & manoeuvrable.
  • The grass bag is small – It really doesn’t hold too much grass, but as we already mentioned this mower is only really for small yard use. If you do choose to use it on a bigger yard then be prepared to make frequent trips to the dumpster.
  • Manual is pretty much useless – Fails to tell you how to adjust the height, which I would consider quite an important thing to emit. And as we already said, the assembly instructions are not great either.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Who Makes the Sun Joe MJ401E?

The Sun Joe MJ401E is made by the US based Snow Joe Company, an organization established in 2004 and that at first had practical experience in the offer of snow scoops, however today currently offers an entire scope of yard upkeep hardware

What Material is the Deck Made Out Of?

The deck is made out of ABS plastic, which is sufficiently strong and won’t rust either.

What electrical string do I have to use with the Mow Joe?

The additional line is excluded, so you should get one. Their manual prescribes that you get a 14 AWG additional string for lengths of under 100 feet.

How Do You Start a Sun Joe Mower?

With the Sun Joe you get the comfort it being exceptionally fast and easy to begin. At the point when you’re prepared, essentially press the round security lock catch, and pull the level towards you. That is it!

Does it Mulch?

With the Sun Joe you get the accommodation it being extremely brisk and easy to begin. At the point when you’re prepared, basically press the round wellbeing lock catch, and pull the level towards you. That is it!

The Bottom Line

In case you’re searching for a moderate cutter to keep up your yard or a redesign on your old reel trimmer, at that point this one should be a contender. The engine cuts a 14-inch wide way and is ideal for littler yards and level surfaces. In case you’re accustomed to enlisting a grass administration to cut your yard and have never utilized a garden cutter then the way that the Sun Joe is inconceivably simple to utilize is a reward as well. Modest, solid, no nonsense cutting pretty much summarizes this model. Would suggest!


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