Troy-Bilt 382cc Powermore OHV 30-Inch Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower Review


  • Decent height range
  • Starts easily
  • Light and maneuverable
  • Steers smoothly
  • Mostly even cutting


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The first thing that I want to mention about this riding lawnmower is that it will take about an hour to assemble it and you’re going to need a number of different tools to do it (mainly, 1/2-inch and 9/16th-inch wrenches). I had to uncrate mine, attach the steering wheel, the seat, and the battery and make a few adjustments, add gas and so on. So factor in some time to do the job right.

Once it was assembled and ready to go, I decided to give it a run on my property. It did a pretty good job of cutting my grass on level ground but it couldn’t handle the hills that were not even steep. Now I know that rear-drive riding mowers aren’t good for hills in the first place, but this one did a particularly poor job and I thought it was going to flip on me. So for the rest of this review, I decided to keep it on level ground.

I did notice that the engine had quite a bit of power and it cut my grass well—even some of the tall, wild grasses I had growing on the edge of my property. While it’s 30-inch deck is smaller than other higher priced riding mowers, it’s a lot more than a push mower so it handled the job of cutting my grass fairly well. As long as it stayed on the level ground.

It additionally has a truly decent turning span. A 18-inch going sweep to be precise. Without a doubt, it is anything but a zero-turn span mower yet I had the option to get much nearer to my oak trees than I have had the option to do with some push mowers I’ve possessed, so that is constantly an or more.

While it did a great activity of cutting grass, it didn’t deal with just as I would have preferred it to deal with. For a certain something, I found the controls were situated strangely. This may be fine for certain individuals however it felt extremely bizarre to me and like I was coming to. I additionally didn’t care for the brake and grasp blend. For me, it was somewhat oversensitive and this prompted a very jerky ride for me.

Something else that I need to specify is that you need to withdraw the cutting edges so as to go backward. Truly, I realize it’s a security issue and an ever increasing number of mowers have this component, yet this one wasn’t as smooth as I would have enjoyed and added to my cutting time.

The exact opposite thing that I might want to state about this riding mower is that it truly isn’t intended for enormous bits of property. In the event that you have an enormous bit of property, at that point you’d likely need to purchase a greater mower.

This small rear-drive riding mower is great for level, medium-sized yards, turns well and is fairly priced. I think it’s a great rear engine riding mower that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Pros Cons
  • Great for even, medium-sized yards
  • Makes sharp turns rather well
  • Powerful
  • Assembly takes some time
  • Have to disengage cutting blades to go in reverse
  • Handling is not perfect


Check Price&Reviews on Amazon


  • 30-inch cutting deck
  • Single-cylinder 382cc OHV engine
  • 18-inch turning radius
  • Clear fuel tank window displays remaining gas
  • Manual PTO and six-speed transmission
  • Choose from five adjustable height settings
  • Body constructed from durable 14-gauge steel


Beside the six-speed transmission reliably yanking through rigging changes, the solid 14-check steel body of the TB30 has all the equipment pressed into it to apparently perform pretty splendidly for a littler mower weighing just shy of 340 pounds. All things considered, this is not really a substantial riding mower. Its spunky single-chamber 382cc Troy-Bilt OHV motor kicks up to a lively 4.5 mph top speed and its tough 13-inch front and 16-inch back wheels turn prominently firmly on a 18-inch span. Simply remember, Troy-Bilt structured the TB30 to underscore its readiness in tight quarters and permit it to zoom across rambling, level landscape. Endeavoring to ride it across or up a slope turns into an in a split second lamentable life decision after only a couple of moments persevering through its unstable equalization. Proprietors may do well to likewise have a self-moved mower close by to prepare any noteworthy inclines instead of test the TB30’s surefootedness.

At last, if at any point there were a mower to close the case for continually wearing ear assurance while cutting, this is it. The TB30 is stronger than various heavyweight riding mowers I’ve tried. I wouldn’t make numerous arrangements around twilight finishing if your closest neighbor is within yelling separation.


Amazingly, the TB30 isn’t actually a confused mammoth. At the point when it isn’t being used, its modest stature spares observable carport or shed space. Consistent with Troy-Bilt’s more commended models, the TB30’s motor flames up responsively and dependably on the primary turn of the key almost without fail. The cushioned mid-rearward sitting arrangement rates among the most agreeable seats I’ve at any point move into and feels incredible even at higher rates. Utilizing the clasp to downshift an apparatus or so on the fly is simply too damn helpful not to appreciate. The helpful fuel window shuns letting a measure reveal to you how much gas you have left for giving a view legitimately into the tank. Establishment should comprise of introducing the controlling section and wheel, back motor spread and seat, a matter of under an hour to have your TB 30 good to go.


My commendations to Troy-Bilt in the wake of encountering exactly how effectively the manual force take-off (PTO) connects with and withdraws the edge. One thing hasn’t changed since the bestselling days of the TB30 arrangement during the 1970s: the cutting quality is even, spotless and steady to a “t.” Granted, 30 inches is definitely not a huge swath to trim with each pass, yet this mower compensates for it with speed and the perfect measurements to deal with problematic crushes other riding mowers can’t deal with. The TB30 mulches and side-releases clippings similarly viably, however its bagging could improve with a bigger repository for less emptying stops. The choice to cut backward as opposed to letting the cutting edge naturally withdraw is additionally a very pleasant touch, similar to the five stature settings, yet be careful which level you pick. The three tallest settings should all leave your lawn with a perfect surface and sound tallness. Be that as it may, the two briefest alternatives are sufficiently low to practically scalp your turf.


After each cutting session, tidying your TB30 off with a leafblower and remaining on its fuel and oil needs ought to work. In spite of the fact that it comes outfitted with a deck-wash port, I made some hard memories flushing endlessly the soil, stray clippings and different trash from the underside as completely as I might want. Thinking about its moderately light weight, you would be in an ideal situation connecting with the stopping brake, removing the sparkle plugs from the motor, tipping it up and showering everything somewhere around hand.

In this likewise lies the best downside to putting resources into the TB30: tragically, proprietor audits have over and over depicts episodes of getting a mower legitimately from the an industrial facility or vendor and taking note of any of a few imperfections, from poor get together or missing parts to nonfunctional motors. That is terrible enough, particularly while thinking about this current model’s reputation for biting through belts. Be that as it may, similar surveys regularly portray the specific inverse client support experience any proprietor needs to persevere. The TB30’s two-year guarantee is on the short side by industry norms in any case, yet clients regularly portray trouble getting a real person on the telephone, delays crossing anyplace from weeks to months masterminding fixes and even events when apparently maker ensured fixes still left waiting issues.


Manually engaging or disengaging the blade is about the extent of the TB30’s safety measures. Then again, that’s about all I would ask.


This is an extreme call. From one perspective, when the TB30 works, it’s for all intents and purposes a take. In case you’re sticking to an under-$1,200 spending plan for dear life and don’t anticipate running it up any extreme slants, this mower ought to do fine and dandy with loads of speed, deftness and accuracy cutting. It’s even amazingly enjoyable to drive. On the other hand, somewhat, you get what you pay for as far as its dependability and a to some degree merited notoriety for disgraceful assembling. It may end up being a win big or bust bet between a possibly damaged obligation and a straightforward, essential riding mower for lawns only excessively expansive for a stroll behind model. Purchase at your own hazard.

Great for Medium Size Land w/ Even Terrain



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